Gemstones to Gift on Lohri, that will bring success in your new beginnings.

On 13th January, Lohri is celebrated on the arrival of longer days after the winters. According to traditions, Lohri was celebrated at the end of the ancestral month when winter solstice happens in ancient times. It marks the days getting longer as the sun moves on its northward journey. Are you looking for gifts for Lohri... Continue Reading →

Powerful Crystals to Set New Year’s Resolution and Intentions

New Year remains incomplete without some solid resolutions and objectives. If you have tried making resolutions in your past and feel disappointed for not being able to stick to them in the long run, this New Year, take the help of some matchless and powerful crystals that serve as the best companions for your resolutions.... Continue Reading →

Perfect Jewelry Gift Ideas for Your Family Holidays

A thoughtfully chosen present will make you stand apart from the crowd and will to be remembered. You may start selecting a gift that holds an emotional link between the receiver and giver and too clutches a real value. A gift that will admire a decade from today more than that it is today should... Continue Reading →

Jewelry Gifts for Her Birthday from Her Loving Dad

Spot the passageway of the time as the lil’ girl of dads is going to celebrate her “Day”. You know it will happen sometimes, your princess is all big now. It seems like it was the talk of yesterday when you were buying diapers and toys for her. Now she has worn up her makeup... Continue Reading →

Ideas of Best Jewelry Gifts for New Mums, As She Deserves the Best

‘She’ carried a “new life” and brought you a “new love” into this world. So, it’s your turn to celebrate this happiness with a “Push Present” of jewelry gifts. These nine months of backaches, morning sickness, repeated appointments of doctor and sleepless nights has climaxed with an extreme pain of her life. On asking her,... Continue Reading →

Valentine’s Day Special – Heart, One Word for Love

The red colored heart makes us think of a special day, Valentine Day. To make this day memorable for your loved one you pick a unique option that can be a gift or anything. Well, it is an obvious shape, heart, but its flexibility is not expected. It may be symmetrical as a traditional one,... Continue Reading →

Kiss Day Special Jewelry Collection

Kiss Day, the sixth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated worldwide with love and affection on 12th of February every year. On this day, the lovers kiss each other in a passionate way to express their lovely and pious feelings for each other. Apart from this to make this day more special the couples picks... Continue Reading →

Hug Day Special Jewelry Collection

Hug day, the seventh day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated with happiness and enthusiasm on 13th of February every year by the youths, couples, and the other age group people. Though it is a member of Western culture since the past whereas for many years, this fabulous day is celebrated with the same feel all... Continue Reading →

Promise Day Special Jewelry Collection

Promise Day, the fifth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated every year on 11th of February all over this world by youth, couples, and other age group beings. Being one of the special days of this romantic week, Promise Day is celebrated by giving a pious and true promise to each other for forever love and... Continue Reading →

Teddy Day Special Jewelry Collection

Teddy Day, the fourth day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 10th of February every year with great joy and zeal. This day has become an international event that was only the member of a Western culture in the past. On this particular day, the youths and couples gifts their loved one a charming and... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Day Special Jewelry Collection

Chocolate Day, the third day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated all over the world on 9th of February every year. With the great joy and passion, not only the couples and youth but other age group beings too celebrate this day. Chocolate Day is a favorite day for everyone and on this day, everybody gift... Continue Reading →

Propose Day Special Jewelry Collection

Propose Day, the second day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 8th of February every year with great zeal and enthusiasm by the couples and all age group beings. Today also in the western culture it is celebrated in a traditional way, but there are many parts of this world where this day is celebrated... Continue Reading →

Rose Day Special Jewelry Collection

Rose Day, the first day of Valentine’s Week is celebrated on 7th of February every year not only by the youth but too by all age group people who wish to. It is the event of the western culture but today we can see that the celebration of this beautiful day has started all over... Continue Reading →

A Complete Wedding Jewelry Gift Guide – Part III

Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Groom to Bride In the traditional weddings, for the groom and brides, it is customary to bestow gifts to each other. To fit the style and taste of the couple, this practice can, of course, get adjusted. The idea behind the bridal gifts is not to spend a lot or to... Continue Reading →

A Complete Wedding Jewelry Gift Guide – Part II

Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Bride to Groom With the time traditions also come along the people and their mentality. But, it’s not important to follow them just because it exists. You should talk with your fiancé first to be sure about your wedding gifts. It too is not necessary that your gift should be expensive... Continue Reading →

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