Cinnabar Leads To The Creation Of Wealth

Cinnabar leads to the creation of wealth

In times where everyone is running after wealth or busy in money making, here is a small and easy suggestion to attract it swiftly. Place the Cinnabar close to where you keep/receive money as the energy of this stone is known to increase the wealth of your venture. Cinnabar is a very curative and colorful stone. It has one of the beautiful shades which is relatively very uncommon in the color palette of the minerals. Cinnabar has tints of red, cochineal red, brownish red and gleam with a metallic luster.

The name Cinnabar is derived from some Persian word meaning ‘Dragons Blood.’ This stone is also known by names such as cinnabarite, Merchant’s stone, and Magician’s stone. The cinnabar is mostly found where mercury is yielded. The primary source of mercury is Red Devil Cinnabar Mine. The other places where mercury and Cinnabar yields together are Philippines, Spain, California, Egypt, Alaska, Tuscany, Serbia, Texas, Alps Mountains, Peru, and China. The healing properties of it are:

Physical Healing

The stone is known to heal some physical health problems. It sets right the blood disorders of the body, increases the white blood cells and strengthens the immunity. It fights any kind of fungal, viral or bacterial infection. It heals sexual issues, fertility issues and is also of great help for those who want to lose their weight. It brings flexibility to the body and may speed up the healing process of HIV treatment. Lastly, if you have any skin issues like warts, lesions, or boils, try Cinnabar to cure it.

Emotional Healing

The Cinnabar is known to release fear, resentment, it deals with the feelings of anger, hurt, jealousy, and stop you from taking issues to heart. It assists in taking right decisions by making the wearer think wisely about good and bad things for him and his family. It eradicates the feeling of dejection, depressive thoughts, and acts as a supportive stone for the person who feels aloof and alone in the crowd. It dissipates the excess energy to ground, develops intuition, ingenuity, and enhances the relations with others. Cinnabar also improves your ability to think more directly and creatively.

Spiritual healing

On the spiritual ground, this stone is known as a magical pill of immortality. It helps the wearer in accepting himself as the creation of God, takes him away from all worldly issues, allows to meditate profoundly and brings in a great sense of stability and relaxation. With cinnabar, you will clearly understand the flow of energy from Divine sources to the physical world. It brings mystic psychic visions and has a powerful resonance that assists the awakening of spiritual potential.

This stone resonates strongly with the base or root chakra, and the energy from there enhances the awakening of your kundalini. It encourages a stronger flow of life-force energy within these lower chakras, which are known to stimulate sexual feelings, and thereby enhance personal relationships.

Besides bringing an influx of prosperity and abundance in your life, this stone increases the confidence and facilitates the fluency in communication. It enhances the assertiveness and persuasive skills. If you are in any such profession like salesman, teacher or orator, then try Cinnabar out. It is indeed a mysterious stone known for its magic healing, alchemy, and transformation.

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