Crystal Healing with Jinan

Meet Jinan- Her spiritual journey started a long time ago, but she truly embraced her spirituality after a decade of working in the corporate world. Just like so many of us, her experiences were characterized by chronic stress, headaches, and running to meet deadlines.
But, One day she decided that she has had enough and wanted to be in charge and feel more empowered. She was longing for balance in her life. and made the decision and started listening to her body and intuition. She was called by the master Reiki, which sped up her awakening and helped her tap into innate power. The more she served others by helping them heal and transform, the more of her gifts unfolded and activated. She is honored to serve at an international level as a healer and spiritual guide and her intention is to serve everyone at the highest level possible. Clients who have been working with her got to know themselves at the soul-level, connected with their spirit guides, removed abundance blocks, and activated their innate spiritual gifts. She also helped them connect to the Goddess energy, to embody sacred self-love, trust, and acceptance.
About Author

I Love meditation with gemstones. i am a avid rock collector. Daddy of two beautiful children and love to travel. My love for gemstones and their vibrant colors got me into jewelry profession and I have been collecting rare pieces of gemstones from all over the world for past 10 years.

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