Protect yourself from Psychic attacks, entities, and possessions with Sandra Lakshmi

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Meet Sandra – Sandra is an intuitive, gifted, cosmic channel who brings through encoded frequencies of Divine Light, through the form of healing crystals(+jewelry), sound healing, and meditations, with a purpose to awaken consciousness and anchor the Grid of Light for Earth.
She has been working with many souls, offering challenging sessions to receive the Divine guidance of Source Energy and activate your fullest cosmic potential.
She is here for an interesting session on how to save and protect yourself from Psychic attacks, entities, and possessions.
About Author

I Love meditation with gemstones. i am a avid rock collector. Daddy of two beautiful children and love to travel. My love for gemstones and their vibrant colors got me into jewelry profession and I have been collecting rare pieces of gemstones from all over the world for past 10 years.

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