Sound Therapy Session with Inas

Meet Inas- Inas Halal, the first female Syrian drummer & percussionist.
She graduated from the Faculty of Mass Communication at Damascus University, inherited the talent of playing drums and percussion instruments from her father, Rabih Halal.
Inas worked in various fields related to media and entertainment. In recent years she began focusing on her projects related to music and musical culture, leading to sound therapy, which she became acquainted with due to a chronic disease called fibromyalgia (fibromyalgia) that she suffered from for several years and still, and because of it, she had to change a lot in Her lifestyle and discovered that music is not only something for entertainment but also a deeper world than we think and a reliable way to help us overcome many psychological and physical illnesses that are mainly caused by tension and much more.
She is here today for an insightful session on Sound Therapy.
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