Crystal Gurus

Practicing Breathwork with Kristina Nikolaj

Meet Kristina Nikolaj- Kristina Nikolaj is a breathwork coach on a mission to show women how to awaken their inner healer through the breath by guiding them to release the physical, mental, and emotional weight of the past, to be fully present with the truth told in their bodies, and to create a more peaceful and self-empowered future.
She is here for a fantastic session on Practicing Breathwork and why it is essential.

Sound Healing with Ashley Brown

Meet Ashley – Ashley is a sound meditation facilitator, soundscape designer & producer. She believes sound plays an important role in the development of human potential and evolution. Ashley uses an array of instruments & electronics paired with experimental vocals to create deep, ethereal, primal, and nature-inspired soundscapes intended to invite those experiencing into a state of self-reflection and deep connection to the sound that exists within. The essence of her sound is rooted in the synesthetic experience she receives from her environment.
She is here to take you to a mesmerizing sound healing session and to tell you about how to access your creative genius.

Meditation to Manifest with Joana Calado

Meet Joana Calado- Joana is a certified NLP practitioner and Mindfulness facilitator that helps busy go-getters avoid burnout by improving their work-life balance. She focuses on creating a safe and supportive environment where you can relax and reframe your unconscious mind to reduce overwhelm and anxiety.
She is here to tell you how to do meditation to manifest what you want in your life.

Chakra Healing using Crystals with Jessica

Jessica Mendes is a spiritual, travel, and maternity blogger, born & raised in Bay Area, California but now resides in the beautiful, sunny Algarve, Portugal, with her husband, 2-year-old daughter, and three dogs. While her love for God & spirituality has been strong since she was a child, her spiritual journey has grown in recent years as she began to expand her consciousness, learning about meditation, crystals, angels, energy work & becoming a reiki healer, because she realized her passion for helping others has been her soul purpose. 
She is here to tell you about which crystals to use for balancing your Chakras.

Practice Manifestation with Rita

Rita Matos is the Creator Of The Movement, Become Magnetic, Hustle Lesson Attract More, Where she Helps Women, Release The Blockages That Are Preventing Them From Manifest Their Dream Life & Achieve Success Rapidly.
She is An Intuitive Transformational Coach, Healer, Teacher & Speaker, Expert In Manifestation, Energy Healing & Mindset.
She is here to tell you how to amplify crystals with what we want to attract through theta healing.
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