Crystal Gurus

Gayatri Mantra Meditation with Michelle

Meet Michelle – Michelle Coutinho is a healer, songstress, and empowerment coach who helps conscious women and men attune to a deeper resonance with their voice, presence, and own their personal power. She is the creator of Vocal Alchemy and Embodiment, a process that rewires the energetic nervous system using the voice as a gateway to the subtle body to create a sense of lightness and expansion that releases stored trauma from the mental and emotional body and heals the psyche on a multidimensional level. She is here to tell you about the meaning behind the Gayatri mantra and how to chant it to practice daily gratitude.

Meditation with Tarot with Christine and Lauren

Meet Christine Vazquez and Lauren Brewer of Pretty Spirits, a spiritual lifestyle brand in Los Angeles, California. They are healers and intuitive advisors, helping others connect with their higher selves through meditation, reiki, and yoga. Christine and Lauren will teach you how to use tarot and oracle cards to connect with guidance from Spirit for deeper meditation. Using their self-published Truth Decks, they demonstrate how simple it is to strengthen your inner knowing and find clarity as a daily self-care practice. They are going to tell you how to meditate with a divine message after pulling cards from an oracle or tarot deck.

Practicing Manifestation with Ila

Meet Ila-Ila is the founder of Intention Bar, a destination to learn how to begin manifesting your dream life. Ila is also the host of the successful podcast, Intention Bar Podcast, which can be found on Spotify! Ila began studying Manifestation when she was just a child, and quickly it became her life’s work. Over the past decade, she has worked tirelessly debunking common manifestation misconceptions and evolving the practice of Manifestation with her revolutionary and completely unique framework. She is also a Human Design expert and offers Human Design chart readings with the purpose of teaching you how YOU should be navigating through your life, manifesting optimally, understanding your unique energetic gifts and superpower powers, making decisions, and so much more.

Crystal Healing With Summer Monae

Meet Summer Monaé- Summer Monaé is from New York City. She creates content on her experiences of Manifestation and Buddhist principles and is passionate about guiding people along their journey of spirituality and deliberate creation. It brings her excitement, knowing that the growth of consciousness within each of us will radiate true happiness and freedom throughout the world across many lifetimes. 

Reiki Healing with Sarah

Meet Sarah-Sarah is a Reiki Master Crystal Healer and intuitive channeler who also uses her intuitive gifts to help guide her clients to the ultimate state of awareness & balance within themselves. She is able to communicate with the spiritual realm to help you connect with the Divine for guidance and is able to provide you any messages for you to achieve clarity. She is also a quantum healer, which means she can heal you from anywhere in the world to where you are. It is her mission to also teach and certify the collective in the sacred gift of Reiki healing even distantly. She strives daily to be the best possible inspiration and example for the collective to be their most authentic self and to dive deep into their inner core to achieve their enlightenment and balance within their chakras. She is excited to continually spread the message of love and light with Reiki healing and encourages all to learn and utilize this amazing gift to help themselves and the collective.

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