Crystal Gurus

Crystal Healing With Summer Monae

Meet Summer Monaé- Summer Monaé is from New York City. She creates content on her experiences of Manifestation and Buddhist principles and is passionate about guiding people along their journey of spirituality and deliberate creation. It brings her excitement, knowing that the growth of consciousness within each of us will radiate true happiness and freedom throughout the world across many lifetimes. 

Reiki Healing with Sarah

Meet Sarah-Sarah is a Reiki Master Crystal Healer and intuitive channeler who also uses her intuitive gifts to help guide her clients to the ultimate state of awareness & balance within themselves. She is able to communicate with the spiritual realm to help you connect with the Divine for guidance and is able to provide you any messages for you to achieve clarity. She is also a quantum healer, which means she can heal you from anywhere in the world to where you are. It is her mission to also teach and certify the collective in the sacred gift of Reiki healing even distantly. She strives daily to be the best possible inspiration and example for the collective to be their most authentic self and to dive deep into their inner core to achieve their enlightenment and balance within their chakras. She is excited to continually spread the message of love and light with Reiki healing and encourages all to learn and utilize this amazing gift to help themselves and the collective.

Crystal Healing with Jinan

Meet Jinan- Her spiritual journey started a long time ago, but she truly embraced her spirituality after a decade of working in the corporate world. Just like so many of us, her experiences were characterized by chronic stress, headaches, and running to meet deadlines.
But, One day she decided that she has had enough and wanted to be in charge and feel more empowered. She was longing for balance in her life. and made the decision and started listening to her body and intuition. She was called by the master Reiki, which sped up her awakening and helped her tap into innate power. The more she served others by helping them heal and transform, the more of her gifts unfolded and activated. She is honored to serve at an international level as a healer and spiritual guide and her intention is to serve everyone at the highest level possible. Clients who have been working with her got to know themselves at the soul-level, connected with their spirit guides, removed abundance blocks, and activated their innate spiritual gifts. She also helped them connect to the Goddess energy, to embody sacred self-love, trust, and acceptance.

Practicing Meditation with Kate Lockhart

Meet Kate Lockhart, located in Vancouver, Canada! She is passionate about advocating for people to live the life they love by following their hearts and breaking free from societal pressures and standards! Do check out her Instagram to hear about similar subjects and her original music! She will be talking about mediation and her experiences with it, and how meditation can help you to transform your life. She is here to tell you about the meditation practice and how it can benefit your emotional well being and overall health.

Spiritual Healing Gemstones with Kimberly

Meet Kimberly Douglas, otherwise known as MsMerlin, the good witch of the north. She co-owns Angelic Alchemy with her magical another half. She is a Crystal Reiki/Reiki Master Teacher, Shamaness, High Priestess/Spiritual Teacher, and complete Rock Hound. Her love for crystals started as a little girl when she got the first piece of raw rose quartz at a craft store. She loves teaching others crystal healing, holistic earth magic and creates custom crystal healing jewelry, crystal magic wands, orgonites, divination tools, etc. She is here to tell you about Spiritual Healing Gemstones.