Crystal Gurus

Spiritual Healing Gemstones with Kimberly

Meet Kimberly Douglas, otherwise known as MsMerlin, the good witch of the north. She co-owns Angelic Alchemy with her magical another half. She is a Crystal Reiki/Reiki Master Teacher, Shamaness, High Priestess/Spiritual Teacher, and complete Rock Hound. Her love for crystals started as a little girl when she got the first piece of raw rose quartz at a craft store. She loves teaching others crystal healing, holistic earth magic and creates custom crystal healing jewelry, crystal magic wands, orgonites, divination tools, etc. She is here to tell you about Spiritual Healing Gemstones.

Sound Healing with Sonia

Meet Sonia from Celestial Sounds Immersion
Sonia is a Sound Alchemist Master, Reiki Master, and Professional Opera Singer and is passionate about holistic healing practices and a seeker of truth. She is also a Mechanical Engineer with Master Degrees in Business Administration and Marketing. Sonia’s mission is to empower you to activate your energy rainbow light body. To align you with your highest state of being where you share your real voice and passion, where you live in health, love, abundance, and truth.
Sonia is here to create the Serene atmosphere with her melodious singing bowl session.

Crystal Healing with Michelle

Meet Michelle from Lines of the Lark- She is the owner of Lines of the Lark, is a tarot reader and energy healer. She hosts a spirituality podcast, The Fairy Ring, where she shares esoteric teachings. You can find out more about her at or find her on YouTube channel: Lines of the Lark.
Crystals come in many forms and colors and have the power to transform any negative energy into positive ones. If you are someone who is new to crystals, it can be hard to know where to start. Michelle is here to talk about the best crystals to use for beginners that can help you to start on your crystal journey.

Crystal Healing with Sophie

Meet Sophie from Awaken Co. She is a modern healer + transformation specialist, and her motivation is to help you access your greatness through a shift in understanding that leads to freedom. She guides people on how to do deep inner healing work!
In her work with AWAKEN, she created the 4 R’s Process: Recognize, Release, Reprogram, Radiate. She shows clients and students how to move out of their problems and into solutions that AWAKEN their freedom.
Sophie will be talking about the best stone for Meditation and the benefits of it. Using stones with meditation can really help by providing calming energy by balancing both the mind and spirit allowing for a more satisfying and desired session.

Crystal Healing with Devan

Devan from Moonstone Mamas – Mother of 2, Wife, Rock Hound in Training, Jewelry Detective Hunting, Cleaning, Reselling, and Loving Jewelry is our jam.
Loving all things odd, interesting, and knickknack related!
Moonstone Mamas love all things colorful, and positive energy, just like the gemstone the MoonstoneWe’re here to share new beginnings, promote inspiration, provide knowledge on random things, and be a fun escape from the day to day mundane tasks! She is here to tell you the amazing benefits of Labradorite Gemstone.