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6 Simple ways to get started with Meditation.

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If you are someone who thinks meditation is only for Buddhist monks, then you are definitely wrong. 

Many people come to me and ask, “How do I get started with meditating? or What should I do? How long should I sit? Where to sit? Are there any books that I should read?”

Let me guide you; Meditation is an approach to training your mind, same as how fitness is an approach to train your body. Anyone can meditate, and there are infinite health and well-being benefits from a simple and daily meditation practice. Meditation can decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol levels, increase creativity, reduce anxiety and build up your immune system. You only learn to meditate by meditating. The stillness that you experience in meditation can increase happiness and diminishes stress. You will feel a more natural sense of balance, more compassion for yourself and others. Meditation can also help you connect with your spiritual side and develops your intuition to make better decisions about your life. 

Everyone should include meditation in their daily routine. But it can be challenging to figure out how to get started. So here are the few ways that can help you to get started with your meditation practice. 

Find a Quiet Place to Sit and Relax.

Choose a quiet and serene surrounding where you are not likely to be disturbed. Such a place can make meditation for a beginner more enjoyable and relaxing. Your posture makes a difference too. Try to Be relaxed and sit comfortably as much as possible, be steady. Sit straight with your spine upright, keep your shoulders and neck relaxed, and your eyes closed throughout the process.


Set a Time Limit

If you’re just a beginner, choose a short time, such as five or 10 minutes; it will help you to stay consistent. Meditation is relaxation, so it should be done entirely at your suitability. The hours of dawn and dusk are also ideal for meditation. It is serene during these hours, which will help you to meditate easily. 


Turn your attention to your breathing pattern. When you breathe in, Focus on inhalation, and as you breathe out, focus on the exhalation. Follow it through your nose all the way down to your lungs when you find that your mind has wandered, as it inevitably will, gently refocus it on the breath and begin again.

Do a Body Scan 

Once you become aware of following your breathing pattern, focus your attention on body parts and take one at a time. Begin from the soles of your feet to the top of your head — how does it feel? Feel the sense of awareness. Keep your eye focused on one spot, and notice the lights that surround you. Visualize that your body is filled with positive energies.

Develop a Loving Attitude

When you notice your unwanted thoughts and feelings arising during meditation, look at them as you see your friends. They are just only a part of you, though not all of you. Bring your attention back to the breath slowly and steadily. 

Close it with Compassion

When you’re finished with your meditation, smile, be grateful that you had this time to yourself, that you adhered with your commitment. Take a moment and notice any sounds in the surroundings. Notice how your body feels right now. Notice your feelings and emotions.


The simple act of sitting calmly in meditation will reset your body, mind, and spirit and will lead to increased happiness, creativity, and productivity. When practiced correctly, even 5 or 10 minutes of meditation can make a big difference in your mood and set the tone for the rest of your day. 

That’s it, just 10 minutes of your daily routine; that’s all it takes to live a happier and healthier life. 

Happy Meditating !! 


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