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6 Spiritual Disciplines that will Change your Life


Spiritual disciplines mean regular practices that help us to overcome bad practices and replace them with Good ones. These are generally those habits that will make your relationship stronger with God, a relationship that will be more loving, divine, and transforming.

Practicing these disciplines and making them part of your daily routine can help you transform your life.

You will develop a more profound relationship with God and all people surrounding you because spiritual disciplines help develop better attitudes and more stable emotions, good thoughts, compassion, and kindness towards all. Thus, spiritual disciplines help enrich our lives and help us improve the lives of others around us.

Here are the six Spiritual Disciplines that will truly change your life. 


Prayer changes the way we look at things. It makes us closer to God. Through prayers, we can experience God’s omnipresence in our daily lives. Change is inevitable; the conditions you are in might not change, but prayer changes how you respond to the crisis. Prayers help us to find strength and courage in difficult times. 

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Scripture Reading

Scriptures are the food for the soul. God’s words help us to learn from the lives of others. Scriptures teach us how to protect and care for our lives. It is a way through which God communicates with us. We have the ability to reject every negative thought that comes to the mind and replace it with the positive one. 

Give Thanks

Practicing gratitude has endless benefits. Reflect upon the things you are more thankful for, express more compassion and kindness, be grateful for every day. It will have a positive impact on your life and all the decisions that you will ever make. Practicing gratitude will bring peace to your life and will make all your dreams come true. 


Meditation can help you restore your calm and inner peace if you are constantly struggling with negative thoughts and anxiety. Regular meditation can benefit your emotional health as well as enhance overall health benefits. 


A Special form of Giving is doing Random Acts of Kindness. Giving is not always about the physical and material things, it can also be seen as giving good advice, an appreciation, a kind word, sharing wisdom, random compliment, some support during a difficult time, a helping hand, or even a smile. We all have something to giving, something of value for another way. So keep spreading joy; it will come back to you in unexpected ways. 


If you are struggling to get the answers to your problems, then fasting and prayers can help you dissolve distractions. It will help you to be mindful and in a better mental space. Fasting improves mental clarity and concentration. It also lowers sugar levels and improves metabolism. 

Practicing these disciplines will help us become more stronger against the odds of life. Stay grounded and closer to God will help us achieve anything in our lives. 

It is time to evaluate our priorities and align them towards building a relationship with God. Although spiritual disciplines will not make you a perfect person, they will not meet our unrealistic expectations; they can help us to guide us towards the path of enlightenment and live a life worthy of living. 


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