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7 Sacred symbols and their meanings


Through the ages, spiritual symbols have been used to convey messages. The history of these symbols is fascinating; some people believe that they can even impart deep understanding and wisdom into our psyche just by looking at them. The sacred symbols can speak beyond language and communicate with our subconscious directly. There can be many interpretations of the same symbol; while one emblem might mean something specific to you, it might mean something entirely different for others. 

If you focus on these spiritual symbols’ intricacies, you will find them fascinated, connected, and more alive. Most of these sacred symbols are either ancient or are attached to different religions and their belief systems, while Some of them are used for protection purposes and others as a sign of the spiritual side of life. 

If you are someone who has just started walking on the path of their spiritual journey or want to learn more about spirituality, then these are some of the common spiritual symbols that are widely used that can help you to gain wisdom and integrate them into your own practice meaningfully and respectfully.


The Hamsa 

Hamsa is the Hebrew word meaning “five” this symbol represents the five digits of the hand and an eye in the middle of the palm. It is a universal symbol of protection and is used for warding off evil and negativity. This symbol is associated with the “evil eye” symbol to protect someone from the negative energies and harmful spirits.


The traditional symbol of yoga is Lotus. This symbol represents “the womb of the universe from which all things are born”. It is a symbol of Enlightenment. This symbol serves as a reminder that just like the lotus flower grows in the muddy and dirty waters and rises up through the light of the sun, we too can rise from any difficult situation and re-connect to the light that surrounds us. This symbol also teaches us to be humble and stay grounded. 


The Om symbol comes from Hinduism and is the most common and sacred symbol within different spiritual traditions. It is that Universal sound through which all the Universe was created. Chanting Aum can help us to open our third eye and connect with the Divine energy. The curves of the symbol represent the state of waking consciousness, dreaming, and deep sleep. 


The meaning of Mandala in Sanskrit is “circle”, and used to represent the Universe. These intricate designs and many layers represent the world as well as the journey of the self. It illustrates the qualities needed to attain wisdom and to reach the path of Enlightenment. It is also a useful tool to develop Concentration and can help you dive deeper into a meditation practice. 

Tree of Life 

The Tree of Life represents our connection to the Earth, the Universe, and to all other life. This symbol is deeply associated with the concepts of life, birth, death, rebirth, and the circle of life. It connects the four earth elements that are (Earth, wind, air, and fire). In Christianity, is said that the tree of life bears the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.

The Yin Yang

The Yin Yang symbol is probably one of the most well-known and famous spiritual symbols of all time. This symbol represents the concept of Duality; the two halves of the ball represent the masculine and feminine energy co-existing in the world. It is a reminder that the balance between these two opposing forces is important to live a harmonious life. 

Dharma Wheel 

The eight spokes of the Dharma Wheel represent the eight paths of Enlightenment that can help you achieve the state of Nirvana. It is also known as the “Wheel of Law.” The Dharma wheel’s eight spokes represent 8 Buddhist teachings right speech, right intention, right efforts, right livelihood, right consciousness, right action, right mindfulness, and right view.


Most of today’s problem arises from a lack of Spiritual understanding. But if we can make out some time to focus on the spiritual side of things, it can help us to restore balance in our lives. These symbols can help you develop positive qualities and bring more profound meaning and insight into your path. It can intensify your whole spiritual experience. These spiritual symbols will only make sense when your thoughts and intentions are positive. Stay away from the negativity and believe in the goodness of all. 

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