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Are you a Lightworker ? 5 signs to know if you are one


Have you ever felt deep within yourself that you were bought on this earth for a higher purpose? That your purpose in your life is to spread the light that you have within yourself. You feel a deep urge to raise the collective consciousness of Human beings. You have been exceptionally aware and sensitive to other people’s emotions. Well, the chances are that you may be a lightworker.

Who is a Lightworker?
Lightworkers are gifted individuals who carry a strong sense of purpose to heal those around them. They are the people who have chosen to come on earth to transmute darkness into the light and to raise the vibration of the people who are heading towards the path of enlightenment. All of the lightworkers are different as they have faced immense challenges in their lives to work on their own healing so that they can carry the light for others to live out their purpose.

Lightworkers are everywhere across the globe and are known by different names like earth angel, star seeds, empaths. They can be energy healers, life coaches, yoga instructors, tarot card readers, or just ordinary people living ordinary life doing their lightwork through being positive and touching the lives of the people who need it the most.

Still not sure whether you are a lightworker or not? No worries, here are some of the common traits of the Lightworker that will help you to choose your path.

Highly Empathic
A lightworker has a very pure spirit and are able to pickup up the thoughts and feelings of those around you. You feel the pain and joy of others as if it is of your own. Until the empath becomes aware of this trait, they assume that what they feel is theirs. When, in fact, they have picked up the energy of someone else. A lightworker can feel tired and exhausted from all the negativity and need some alone time to recharge themselves.


You are intuitive
You seem to have strong psychic awareness of what’s coming next. That’s because you are born with the sixth sense, or perhaps you developed your intuition later on in your life. You are in more touch with your inner nature. Know that your intuition is your inner gift and can help you to make serious life decisions.

You feel like an Outsider.
Many of the lightworkers feel like they don’t belong here. Often their families have not accepted them fully, or they have very few friends.
Lightworkers are here to create a world based on More love and freedom, but the way society works make them feel saddened. They are misjudged as unsocial or weird, but the people need to understand that their strength comes from their soul connection. This is the reason they feel a strong sense of homesickness.

You feel the drive to help others.
Every Lightworker feels like they have come here to help others. Healing is the main attribute of lightworkers. This is why you will see many lightworkers are interested in the field of therapy, yoga, crystals, coaching, reiki, etc. As when they are enlightened and on the path of self-actualization, they realize this drive as their actual purpose. They have a sense of trust in spiritual practices and feel a positive sense of energy while helping others.

You are a Natural Manifestor
When you look back to your life, you will realize that you have attracted many things in your life with little or minimal effort. This is because you have a high vibration, and you are aligned with your energy work. Your Natural inclination towards growth and ability to pick up signs from the Universe allows you to create what you really want in your life. So, don’t second guess your thoughts and work towards making those dreams of yours a reality.


Whether you are a lightworker or not, it can be determined by looking within yourself. Look within yourself and understand that you are here to help humanity. The earth is transforming. It is time to awaken your gifts to shine brighter. We are moving towards a new era of awakened consciousness and co-creation of love, peace, and harmony.
Tune into your light and meditate more often. Then only you can awaken who you really are and live out your purpose.

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