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How to tune in With your Intuition?


Have you ever done something, and it had gone wrong, and then you say, “I knew I should have done this.”. We live in mind- centric society, where rationale, logic, and thinking are highly valued. Most of us have been trained to ignore our inner wisdom because, in a culture where reason and intellect are considered our most valuable assets, it can be challenging to set aside our facts and figures and follow our inner voice.

Lets, understand the meaning of the word “intuition.” Here “In” means inner, and “Tuition” means teacher. It’s the deep part of you that knows what you need; it is that voice that sounds true, a voice that can sound a lot like God, your guardian, a wise teacher, or a trusted friend. It is a ‘gut feeling’ that tells you whether you should “go for it” or “not.”

Let’s take a quick intuition test before moving forward.
What do you think which card has a “King” behind it? Just look carefully and quickly pick one that goes with your gut.


The human brain works on two “operating systems” The first one is quick, instinctual, effortless, and is subconscious. This is the place where intuition lies.
And the second one is more analytical and deliberate, and it’s conscious.
Intuition exists in all of us, whether we acknowledge it or not. It collects the patterns based on our past experiences to make decisions about something, whether it’s real, fake, good, or bad. Your subconscious mind is the source of your hidden genius and will always provide you with the wisdom to move forward in the right direction.


Intuition is a brilliant thing. It comes from the heart. Don’t worry if you have chosen the wrong card. Here are some tips for developing your intuition to strengthen the inner voice and make it wiser to take more soul-inspired decisions in your life.

Listen to your Gut

You must recognize when the intuition tries to speak to you. It isn’t a loud or demanding voice- it’s subtle. Your instinct may speak to you in thought, words, or visual images, and you may also feel physical sensations like goosebumps, discomfort in your gut, or a feeling of relief.


To deepen your connection with your inner voice, meditation can be an excellent tool. By practicing meditation, you will be able to quiet your mind and listen to the intuitive hints that are coming your way.

Follow your heart

As you begin to quiet your mind from all the clutter, you will hear the subtlety of the intuition. Deep in your heart, you know what it desires; you can become a natural manifestor. Allow your heart to be the guiding compass, and your intuition will follow.

Tune into your Dreams

Keep a tap of your dreams and recall them on your daily basis. You will see the patterns through which the subconscious mind works. As soon as you wake up, make a journal of all the symbols and visuals you see in your dream. Cultivate a relationship with these and see what your mind is trying to communicate with you.

Watch the words you say to yourself.

When you are negative, anxious, or discouraged, your mind may become a muck of negativity; you will not be able to hear your intuition. So, Speak positive affirmations like” I trust my intuition to lead me in the right direction” or “I will follow my intuition when making choices today.” Saying positive words can help you to connect with your inner guide.

Stay present

Now is all that we have – a state of Consciousness. We must honor this very moment and recognize what beauty and gift it is to be alive. You must live in the present moment in order to receive. Be open to what’s coming and allow yourself to live with faith and trust.

Developing a connection with your intuition might be challenging, but your intuition is here to help you survive through the harsh realities of your life. So sit back, relax and find the stillness. Believe in yourself and your feelings. You are here to live the life of your dream, so create a reality that is in alignment with your soul purpose.

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