Guiding Spirit

Signs from the Universe


The Universe works in mysterious ways. It is always trying to guide us and connect with us. But are you listening?

The Universe tries to send the messages in all ways and get our attention. But are you paying attention?

How many times we ask for a sign, but do you know how to receive it?

The Universe is always listening to us and responds according to our vibrations. It works endlessly to give us the life we desire. Once you understand the language of the Universe, it will be easier for you to detect these signs, which you often ignore or mistake as coincidences. Pay attention to those Subtle ways through which the Spirits is trying to connect with you, learn to live in the present moment. Guide your mind to trust in the intuition, then only you will be able to detect these signs. It is not easier to predict what Universal sign you will receive and what will be its mode. The best thing is to look out for the ordinary happenings in your life and try to be a bit more aware of them. Interpreting these signs is an acquired skill. Let your intuition guides you, and your intentions align with the vibrations of your thoughts. Then only you will be able to witness these signs and synchronicities. Here are most of the common signs through which the Universe tries to communicate with us.


Do you see the numbers like 11:11,2222,4444,1234? These are angel numbers. Seeing a certain pattern in an address number plate, phone number, or in the clock can have hidden meanings. When you start seeing these occurrences of the numbers in your daily routine, it means that your guiding spirit wants to tell you that you are in alignment with the Universe. Make sure you think positive thoughts and your actions are in alignment with those thoughts.


Sometimes a random song is stuck in your head, or you overhear a song on the radio, or a person passing through you singing the same song. This is the sign from the Universe to pay attention to the lyrics of that song. There can be a hidden message intended just for you.


Dreams are the direct path to your subconscious mind. The messages are often passed through the medium of dreams. Many of the times the dreams are so intense that they feel real or we have the same dreams over and over again. If you see the same places or the same people in the dream, try to note down that dream after you wake up and look for their meaning.

Symbols from Nature

The natural world has numerous ways to send messages. Colors, Feathers, flowers, rocks, and crystals all have certain meanings. Pay attention to these and see what you are drawn to or what keeps re-appearing in your life. Feathers are the most common sign if you find them falling on you, it is a sign that your angels are near you and guiding you towards the right path.


Meditation practice can create a great shift in your life. When you connect with your inner self, You open the gates for the spirit to connect with you and receive messages and guidance. Meditation gives a chance to the subconscious mind to open up and receive messages from the Universe.

Pay attention to these signs as they keep showing up throughout your life and it is the Universe way of trying to tell you something. Just be open to receiving these messages and have trust and faith in the divine timing of the Universe. The universe is always there to protect you and guide you. Keep thinking positive and love yourself. Do share this article with your friends and loved ones so that they can also benefit themselves.

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