Crystal healing is a technique or process of healing something with the magical properties of crystals. This kind of healing uses crystalline energies and vibes to eradicate any suffering or pain from mind, body and soul of the person and replacing the trauma and sufferings with love, healings and blessings. It fills the person with the feeling of contentment in life and let him experience the true meaning of his existence which is beyond any greed and jealously. Crystal healing is a path from distress to stillness.
All crystals have some energy for a specific problem. You can either ask your astrologer or see the healing properties of each stone. Whichever stone suits your situation, pick that one to enjoy its explicit feeling and amazing healing effects.
Every crystal has different and unique healing qualities. I personally advise this that first see the healing properties of every gem or choose your crystal according to your problem then meditate with is to get the divine results.
The depth of effect is related to the depth of faith. With faith, you can overcome any pain and cure any disease. You just have to believe in this magical process of crystal healing and the power of manifestation. The more you will meditate the more you are power you are giving to your wish to manifest.
Crystal has bewitching healing benefits. They spread the positivity in the environment and cleanse the aura. Just having them around can make a great difference. One can feel the changes they spread just by their existence. They radiate soothing healing energies in the atmosphere. One can use crystals at all places like work area or home to experience its beguiling healing energies of transformation.
One should have faith in the divine process of healing because it makes your body acceptable to the enrgies and vibes.Its benefits varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Some people experience healings faster with astonishing results while some gradually see the improvement. One should not compare his results from others. It is a process of faith and trust. The divine healing energies are same for everyone.
Pick the perfect crystal for you by either asking your astrologer or looking at the healing properties of it. The size and shine of the crystal doesn’t matter. The more big, glittery and alluring it is, the more effective it is- This rule is applicable nowhere. The small size rugged crystal could also be the same effective as the big ones. Then you have to clean the crystals regularly as while radiating healing energies they also absorb negative energies which contaminate them over time and they won’t be as effective later. You can soak them in the tub of salt or leave them under the direct rays of the sun. This is the best and simplest way to clean them. Develop faith for your crystals so that you can have your heart Chakra open to accept its healing energies directly. With these steps of learning you are all ready to travel in this majestic world of crystal healing.
Crystal healing do not bring any changes, it brings transformation which is a better and positive picture of changes. The transformation which you feel and experience. It fills your soul with peace and tranquility leaving you in a world where your heart feels no negativity and you do not feel any negative connections with the outer world. Since all the agony and sufferings comes when you associate yourself with the outer world’s people and situation, It connects you with the divine energies and healings and leaves you happy with the feeling of contentment, inner peace and love.