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Magical Collection of Angel Wings Fairy Pendants

Green Turquoise Tibetan Moon Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Angel wings fairy pendants, these terms will take you towards an imaginative realm of fairy where the magical world exists. The females mostly get attracted towards the tales of fairy and all.

Today, we have come up with a mystical collection of angel wings fairy pendants that will make you fall in love with.

Green Turquoise Tibetan Moon Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Firstly, check out this ravishing piece of jewelry made with sterling silver. On it, a green-hued gem piece is embellished named, green turquoise which is looking fabulous. On this charm, an angel wings fairy is resting near to a half moon which will look fantastic on you.

Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Spot out this designer piece of angel wings fairy pendant. A fairy is crafted on it in a falling state with her arm holding the upper part of the neck piece. This item is made with sterling silver, and its unusual style will magnetize the attention of the crowd towards it.

Blue Apatite Rough Topaz Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Witness this appealing sterling silver pendant which is designed in a creative shape. An angel wings fairy is carrying a load of a mesmerizing blue hued gemstone named, blue appetite. On the top of this pendant, again a blue colored glistening gem piece is embossed named, blue topaz.

Crescent Half Moon Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Next, look at this neck piece made of sterling silver. An angel wings fairy is sitting on a crescent moon with her wings covering the moon in a beautiful manner. This neck piece will look marvelous when worn on a strapless dress.

Lizadite Cupid Angel Wings Pendant

Check out this cupid angel wings pendant made with sterling silver. A cupid with its face and wings is sitting on a green-hued gem piece named, lizadite. It is looking lovely and will make the heads turn.

Watermelon Tourmaline Rough Citrine Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Next, presenting you a sterling silver piece of pendant styled in an artistic manner. An angel wings fairy is holding a watermelon-hued gem piece named tourmaline which is enhancing the beauty of this piece. On the top of this item, a yellow-hued gem piece is festooned called, rough citrine.

Green Turquoise Tibetan Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Witness this splendid piece of pendant designed in an innovative motif. An angel wings fairy is carved on it which is raising the beauty of it. A green colored gem piece which is oval in shape is engraved on it named, green turquoise.

Green Sea Sediment Jasper Chalcedony Angel Wings Fairy Pendant

Next is the turn of a gorgeous piece of the pendant which is made with sterling silver. An angel wings fairy is holding a green colored gem piece above her wings named, green sea sediment jasper.  One more green colored charm is engraved on the top of this article titled, chalcedony.

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