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Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

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Ek Ong Kar Sat Nam Siri Wahe Guru

This is a highly sacred mantra chanted in Sikhism and Kundalini yoga.
It is said to transform any negative energy into positive ones.
This Mantra means there is one Creator whose name is Truth.
Here “Ek means ‘One, the nature of all,’ ‘Ong’ is the primal vibration from which all creativity flows, ‘Kar’ is creation, ‘Sat’ means truth, ‘Nam’ is a name, ‘Siri’ means great, ‘Wha’ is ecstasy/beyond description, and ‘Guru’ is wisdom.
Chanting this Mantra regularly can make you experience a state of pure bliss. By Listening to this Mantra, you can create positive thoughts, actions, and feelings.
It is believed that after chanting this Mantra, it can amplify anything that is said. Therefore, it should be recited with devotion, and negative conversation should be avoided.

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