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Ho’oponopono is a Hawaiian phrase for forgiveness and reconciliation. It’s more than just prayer alone. It’s a process of making things right in your relationships – with others, ancestors, idols, the universe, yourself.
To “cleanse” yourself of regretful feelings, chant the following mantra repeatedly while sitting with your eyes closed; you can even say this as a form of meditation.
The ho’oponopono prayer goes like this:
“I’m sorry; please forgive me; thank you, I love you.”
That’s it. Isn’t it something we all need to hear?
Reciting these four simple phrases with regular practice can help you develop self-love and self-esteem when you need it most. In this way, it’s both a lullaby to the self and an insightful way to approach forgiving other people.
Having other people recognize our feelings is a universal need; in ho’oponopono, you must first acknowledge that wrongdoing exists, which is a way of acknowledging these sentiments. Only then will it be possible to find it in your heart to forgive someone else or yourself.
In the final step, you acknowledge love– both for yourself as well as for others.

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