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Paropakaram Artham Idam Shareeram


Paropakaram Artham Idam Shareeram

परोपकार इदम् शरीर

This is an Ancient shloka that means Our body is meant for Helping others without expecting anything in return.
Mind is a bundle of thoughts; when you think about only yourself and your thoughts aim to fulfill your needs only, they are not for righteous activities. You have to cut short of those thoughts and give preference to those who can benefit you as well as the society
All the living beings on earth are a temple of God. Let your Life be filled with the ideal of doing good to others

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I Love meditation with gemstones. i am a avid rock collector. Daddy of two beautiful children and love to travel. My love for gemstones and their vibrant colors got me into jewelry profession and I have been collecting rare pieces of gemstones from all over the world for past 10 years.

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