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Mesmeric Collection of Gold Silver Earrings

Gold Silver Studs

Well, we all know earring makes the gorgeous look complete in fact you may simply wear a pair of studs alone without pairing it with a neck piece or so. This look is quite modern and too followed.


Today, we have come up along with a glistening collection of gold silver earrings and studs that are going to take off your heart from the house of Silver-In-Style on eBay.

Blue Sapphire White Topaz Studs

Firstly let’s welcome a fascinating pair of sterling silver studs that are designed amazingly. The golden touch of 14k gold that is given to these pieces is raising the royal gawk. On the top of these, a piece of blue colored gem pieces is embellished each named, sapphire. At the center, the entire part of these are filled with white topaz gems that are adding a sparkling gape.

Gold Silver Studs

This pair of enchanting sterling silver earrings is making sense as are styled in ring pattern only. It will give you a traditional or ethnic look. At the center of these pieces, a golden touch is provided with a 14k gold layer which is too decorated with shimmering pieces of white topaz charms. The silver shapes are too designed all over the ring pattern which is enhancing the artistic gawk of these.

Peridot Quartz Gold Silver Earrings

Next comes the turn of a dangling pair of earrings made with sterling silver. Two small silver rounds are hanging down each piece which is looking awesome. The golden layer of 14k is too decorated on the upper part of these. At the center, two pieces of green colored gemstones are festooned named peridot quartz.

Ruby Gold Silver Studs

Next, is the turn of a small pair of studs that are revealing gorgeous square shapes. At the center of each, a similar shape of red hued ruby gems is embellished that are enhancing the fascinating gaze. These charms are fixed with four hooks on all four sides layered with 14k gold. This layer is too covered on the stoppers of these ear pieces.

White Topaz Gold Silver Earrings

Spot out a dazzling pair of sterling silver round studs that will make you shine in the party. The designs that are carved on these are giving off a glimpse of two distinctive patterns. One-half is allowing the back of it to peep through, and another half is decorated with various sparkling white topaz gemstones. The pieces are entirely covered with a 14k gold layer.

White Topaz Silver Gold Studs

The last one is a pair of square shaped studs made with sterling silver. The front of these are fully loaded with glistening white topaz gems and all around these 14k gold layer is applied that is looking marvelous.


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