Soul Guidance

Choose a Moon Phase to know your Angels Advice for you!!

Spells (2)

Concentrate on the four Moon Phases and observe which one you are drawn to for your Angel advice.

1. Starry Moon 

Angels don’t want you to focus on the negative; your expectations are the roots of your intentions; by having a choice, you are setting a goal, and you mean to achieve it. For example, visualize yourself and your loved ones in your happy, peaceful, and prosperous life. By keeping these divine and religiously minded intentions, you help others, and yourself live a happier life.

2. Crystal’s Moon

The angels want you to express your genuine thoughts and feelings with love. You should realize that you have the ability to be free, and freedom will follow. Everything you do in life is the choice you make; complete the things from a generous mindset, angels will guide you towards something that you love. Your angels love you immensely and want you to welcome their help and love; what you need to do is ask them for help and direction. 

3. Nature’s Moon

Spend some time alone with yourself, let your heart’s true desires come out. The Angels want you to communicate with life more often. Spending some time with nature can heal your inner self; you will be able to hear the angel’s direction more precisely. Angels know things that are best for you, and they will guide you for something that brings you the most love, respect, and joy.

4. Floral Moon

The angels know you were doing best till now, but they want you to pay more concentration to your body. The angels are telling you that the body is like an instrument; it will create greater harmony when it’s finely tuned. Following this will make you feel terrific, and you will be rewarded with increased energy & happiness. Just ask for help and guidance, and your angels will be there with their support and love.

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