Soul Guidance

Choose an Angelic Symbol for their Ultimate Message.


Here are four angelic symbols, each used with a particular purpose for the heavenly realm. Look at them thoroughly and select the one you are most attracted to or resonate with. Our angels are constantly around us, leading us and giving us spiritual protection.

Sometimes we are not completely aware of their presence, but that doesn’t imply we can’t tune ourselves into their message if we seek.


As an angel figure, it means you are going through an ‘awakening.’ Bells have always been used throughout time in divine assistance and celebrations. The sweetness of the bell receives stagnant energy and promotes the arrival of new possibilities, new people, new hobbies, new thoughts, and good health. It’s like a special spring cleaning! Our body, soul, and spirit are being re-energized; embrace it. If you dream of a bell or visualize hearing bells in your meditation, your angel wants you to let go of the negative parts of your life. 


Your angel is conquering a crown on your head as a sign of compliments. Possibly you have been thoughtful enough to count your blessings, despite your difficulties. Angels love when you do this because it indicates you are becoming more refined. Only when you practice this approach, life opens up and becomes genuinely fantastic. It is not a coincidence that the crown is placed on the head, the base of the crown chakra.


Harp music resonates on a particular frequency and has a calming, remedial effect. Your spirit says a time of peace, recognition, and comfort is approaching. If you’ve been holding a little sadness or frustrated by life, your angel wants you to ease and relish the time ahead. Feel the sun on your face; take pleasure in being alive. There is nothing else you require to do but embrace the harmony coming to you. All will be well; the wisdom you seek will follow. Trust that there is a cosmic order, and you must present yourself to it.


It is the symbol of a warrior angel. Because you selected this symbol, it means you are consciously or subconsciously calling on this spirit for guidance and protection. Remember that your soul hears you, even if you have questioned your ability to communicate angels. He is here to help you overcome personal demons like health issues, bad habits, stress, negativity, and self-doubt. Perhaps you’ve even doubted if you’re enough to be worthy of angelic attention? If you can be kind to just one living being on this planet, you are worthy of heavenly attention. The foremost job of angels on Earth is to promote humanity and kindness.


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