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Choose an object and know Your Main Emotional Need!!


If you are currently uncertain about what you need to consider for your emotional health, look at this picture, take a look and choose an object from those depicted in the figure. We don’t realize how we feel, perhaps because we are too caught up in the daily work and the need to organize what we are doing. 

We don’t have time to think about us and our emotions.

As we learn more about ourselves and our life, our priorities changes and we provide ourselves with various thoughts and emotions.

However, sometimes we make the wrong decisions that take us away from the accomplishment and happiness we deserve to achieve. It brings you the answer, to take better care of yourself and enter a new life phase, much better and happier.

To find your answer, you must analyze the image, choose the object that most catches your attention, and then find the answer you are looking for.

1. The Dolphin 🐬

You feel lost at the moment; your primary requirement now is to reconnect with yourself and discover the right way to lead your life. Projects that present self-knowledge and assistance from qualified people are essential for you right now. Your greatest emotional need is to be satisfied. Evaluate things that are not making you happy and start making the necessary changes to create more joy in your life, and with these little steps.

2. The Flower Vase 💐

You have started feeling that you have reached a stage where you want to have someone by your side to share your life. Treat your emotional wounds and let yourself meet the right person to assist you in your fresh beginning. You do feel happy and comfortable with the life you are leading, but you fear that time will take away everything from you, so you constantly try to control everything. 

3. The Apple Pie 🥧

You feel that a person has substantial control over you, negatively, stopping you from analyzing and making plans. This is the time to break free from that influence and start living individually and autonomously. You will be able to see the differences and feel more aligned with your purpose. Even if you have been hurt in the past, allow love and attachments to re-enter in your life.

4. The Teddy Bear 🧸

You are the type of person who needs to be the center of attention. Still, recently, you believe that people no longer care about you; it makes you confused and frustrated. Always, it can be a life’s struggle for you to learn to concentrate more on genuinely experiencing your days than being admired by others. You can consider yourself in a time of deterioration, losing the properties and activities that once made you a prosperous person. 

5. The Cat 🐱

You are a reflective person, who does not like to show off; this is perfectly normal. However, your privacy intensity prevents you from genuinely bestowing yourself to the people around you and making you miss big opportunities for happiness. It may be time to reflect an adaptation for your good. Enjoy the present and forget the future for later.

6. The Fireplace 🔥

You are going through a big dilemma, and you feel distressed and anxious, and what you want is a dependable company to handle whatever happens. It is time to open up more to the people around you. You can be a little rough and offensive towards people, so you can end up being lonely in many moments. You feel the necessity for a true friend, but you must give up some habits and become more empathetic and attentive to achieve them.

7. The Starry Night 🌌

You have many friends, but lately, you face a difficult phase and feel lonely; this can be the perfect chance to recognize your real friendships and value them. You are feeling exhausted by recent events and would like to get protection from someone around you. However, you are not satisfied talking about it with someone, and you always end up lonely. Open yourself to trusted people, and you will be gifted with forever friendships.

8. The Rocking Chair 💺

You are closing your eyes in peace to problematic substances in life because you no longer want to live frustrated and unhappy. Deal with whatever is needed and find a way to keep your determination and heart strong all times. You feel unexcited to move on immediately and what you want is to be some experience that will provide you hope and joy again. Create new connections and allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone.


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I Love meditation with gemstones. i am a avid rock collector. Daddy of two beautiful children and love to travel. My love for gemstones and their vibrant colors got me into jewelry profession and I have been collecting rare pieces of gemstones from all over the world for past 10 years.

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