Soul Guidance

Choose to know what your ancestors has message for you?

Choose one to unveil what November 2020 has for you!!

111. If you have chosen the Silver crown, you are a person of faith. Keep believing with your body and soul. You have the power to deal with any problematic situations in your life. The guidance from your parents can lead you towards the path of light. Do not procrastinate the work you are trying to do, as it can create hurdles in achieving the goal that you have focused on your entire life. Dive deeper into yourself, focus on the things that need to be done. Soon all your dreams will come true, and your life will be filled with love, light, and happiness.


132. If you have chosen the pink crown, the ancestors’ blessings are with you. Don’t doubt your capabilities and observe the changes that are happening to you; they will enhance your connection with your inner self. Many questions and doubts arise in your mind right now, so take out the time from your busy schedule and slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. All your questions will be answered at the right time. Just take out a day or two for yourself to recharge and revitalize your soul. 


143. If you have chosen the Red crown, ancestors warn you to don’t overdo anything and try to find a work-life balance to protect your energy. You are here to bring positive change to the world. You have all the skills and talent to follow your passion, take daily actions to achieve your life’s purpose. You have to understand what you deserve, reflect on your heart’s desire, and all your dreams and wishes will begin to come true. Never lose faith, nor be discouraged by anything. Your ancestors are always protecting you.


124. If you have chosen the Golden crown, your ancestors want to remind you that your behavior can delay the manifestation of your dreams. You need to bring self-control in every area of your life and need to find a balance between your desires and responsibilities. You just have to harmonize with the natural rhythm of your life and appreciate what you already have. Re-examine your life and eliminate all the negative thoughts and behaviors. It is the very best time of your life to experience something new, rise above your self-driven thoughts, and have trust and faith that a magical future is waiting for you.

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