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41.  Your soul is very gentle, friendly souls that are here to serve humankind – They strangely have a round face in facial features with sharp features and small eyes. They have childlike innocence with a cheerful smile. Their ideal traits are entertaining, caring, humble, dedicated, reserved, and homely. They always look out for people who are in need to offer a helping hand. However, they tend to be hurt because of their extreme generosity. People forget that they are also humans who have their desires. On the other side of the coin, they can be manipulative sometimes, depending upon their mood.



2.  You have very distinct features that are firm but with soft skin – They tend to be healthy and lean; however, they have very positive characteristics that have an underlying purpose. The typical features they possess are being positive, confident, faithful, combative, and strong-minded. They keep people interested in their charisma that attracts almost everyone. They love to be in public and express themselves through art and music. They are generally entertaining in their observations and rarely miss a moment to tell a joke. They are not always innovative thinkers, preferring to take others’ thoughts and twist them. They could be superior when not given proper consideration.



3.  You have a heart-shaped face with unfocused and dreamy eyes and a mysterious door to connect with the inner world – Their facial appearances are almost always much formed as if they were posturing for a portrait painting or a photo-shoot. Their characteristics would be inventive, creative, and imaginative. They are a creative person who is proficient in expressing the ideas they think. They enjoy being innovative and productive. They are filled with excitement to create something. Their attention is usually inside their brains rather than out in the actual world where the action is; they are quite strong in approach. When they smile, their eyes dance with an irresistible playfulness.



4.  You have an almond-shaped face and striking eyes that have a slant bent, nearly cat-like– They may be relaxed in nature, yet are determined to be very systematic and courageous in their intellectual pursuits. They may go to excellent lengths to gain knowledge about something, even experience personal sacrifice for the sake of knowledge. They also love to share what they’ve learned with others. They bring motivation and recognize the endless potential that people have. They encourage their followers to make positive changes in their lives. They require respect, as it reflects in their aura. Their typical traits are commanding, authoritative, self-assured, determining, harsh, and masterful.


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