What Will You Manifest in Coming Days? Choose a Card to Find Out


What Is Manifestation?

To put it clearly, it is a process by which you can imagine your reality using the strength of your Mind. It means that instead of taking what the world and destiny offer you, you make an intentional and thoughtful role in shaping the world around you, manifesting what you want in all aspects of your life.

Manifestation is a spiritual process based on mental programs beyond the things we use in everyday life. Unfortunately, we often think it is a complicated process, or the manifestation techniques are difficult to understand or use. But they are very simple.

Manifestation is creating reality, using the power of your Mind in your subconsciousness. Your subconscious is more powerful than you can think. It is a gateway to the tremendous intelligence of the Universe. 

Card no.1

DreamyMoons – Art Inspired By The UniverseThe solar plexus and the sacral chakras are the most prominent now: courage, willpower, self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-love; sensuality and passion are essential factors in life now. Thus, we can fully enter our true authentic selves. We can align ourselves with our thoughts and use our most heartfelt passions to paint the canvas of our reality. So, get your creative spirits flowing by doing whatever you love to do in your unique way of doing it.

Communication and clarity of vision are critical factors for the manifestation of your reality. Make a vision board, examine the trip you need to take, write the information, and post it on your refrigerator or cupboard. Finally, and most importantly, create with love and joy. Create with passion and intensity. Infuse love in every perspective of your creation, always leaving room for more and more.

Card no.2

Best Toys & GamesIf we can surrender to the search and allow ourselves to observe, learn & assimilate the energies, we will light our new path with grace and ease. We are told that we must jump into the dark wisdom, but we are never alone. We deny the fact that we get stuck in the same patterns. Now we have an opportunity to see what has been happening. Take charge and set your intention for something different.

The manifestation for this part of our journey is undertaken, and the work is done; we can finally rise above it, modified. Saturn is thought the planet of karma, limits, mindfulness, and perception. Jupiter is the planet of development and knowledge, of religious purpose and blessings, and the moon represents the divine feminine aspect, understanding, enlightenment, charm, and magic. Listen to your body; free your Mind. Request your Higher Self to guide you, surrender to silence. 

Card no.3

Art by Cocorrina & CoYou have entered a new level of energy of conception. It is up to you what you think, and you should be informed that if your feelings are overwhelmed by problems, difficulties, and concerns, you are likely to manifest more of the same. What do you want to build? What are you using your advantage into right now? More frustration or pure gold? It all depends on you. It was, and it always will be.

There is a sign of prosperity, courage, and self-esteem in you. All of this is available to every one of us. Suppose we choose to raise our vibration to match it. There is specific knowledge, belief, and trust in the process and emotional peace and harmony. Feel the change happen. The sun symbolizes creation, life force, energy, and light. Everything is desirable if you decide to create it.

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