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Who must have eaten the food and created this mess?

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Choose the one you think must have created this mess.

There are many puzzles and quizzes that test your personality because it depends upon the choices you make. Your preferences and perceptions can tell a lot of things about your personality and how you deal with circumstances in your life. When all that’s available are a few drops of the culprit, your own instincts and instinctive abilities, and speculation is extensive, the case becomes an actual test of your judgment. 

Here’s an interesting ‘who ate the food at picnic’ puzzle which only offers you the bare minimum to solve it. Nothing in the picture will serve as a clear hint that can help you catch the perpetrator. Everything connects to what is noticeable to you and whatever you choose to note as evidence. Imagine that you are that teacher in the picture and observe the children closely. 



Child 1 – This girl looks like she’s in regret and the one most likely to have eaten the cake and everything else. Her eyes are fixed on the grass, and it looks like she is feeling guilty and sorry about something she did. Her classmates might have also managed to make her believe that she did do it. 

By choosing this girl, you’ve shown that you are a very observant person who doesn’t miss even the smallest details in real life. Cheating you is not easy because you are continuously watching others and mentally noting the changes in their body language and behavior. Trust is your key characteristic, and you show it in all that you choose or do in life. All your decisions and judgments are carefully thought & made out, and you’re not the kind of person who’ll hurry into something without thinking it thoroughly.



Child 2 – This girl looks angry like the teacher must have blamed her, and she is speaking out of fear and anger. It also looks like she’s blaming some other child in a manner that is empty of any honesty or fairness. She seems like the culprit because her whole body language says that she is the culprit, but she knows that she won’t be blamed for giving explanations like she has not done anything.

If your choice is Child 2 because of how she’s hiding something through her explanations, it looks like the matter’s verdict will be in her favor. It shows that you were born to be a leader of others. You care for the satisfaction of the others around you, and you are the person they refer to when they need to make things right despite the judgments and the person’s rational behavior. Outspoken and charismatic, you’re ready to take the lead in all situations. The greatest happiness is what you strive for but not just for the public good.



Child 3 – This boy looks quite cunning and seems to be hiding something. He is holding his hands back like there is something that he already got rid of. His facial expressions are a mix of satisfaction and cleverness. 

If your choice is Child 3, you make decisions very smartly and observe every little detail. You do not do things in a hurry; you observe people from every aspect, no matter their background. You tend to complete all of your tasks with full dedication and hard work. People like to depend on you and seek your help when they are in a difficult situation or needs suggestion, as you are the best person to give them the best advice.



Child 4 – This boy looks quite suspicious and in wonder, maybe to seek his way out. He’s eyeing on something as if either he’s scared of the blame or of what will happen because someone ate the cake and other treats. He also seems to be rushing to dole out the punishment to escape from the place because of possible consequences.

If you have chosen this boy, it shows that you are sensible and trustworthy. Everything you take up is certain to be successful in the end. You genuinely try to develop yourself as a person, and you work hard to succeed. You trust others easily, and your sensitivity helps you understand people better. People find you an easy person to talk to because you hear them carefully, and people know that you won’t let them down if they need anything from you. As a result, you are an unforgettable person for everyone who meets you.



Child 5 – This boy looks comforting and affectionate. He knows that a mistake has been made, but he’s not passing judgment on anyone. He might or might not have created this mess, he seems to be shy, but maybe he is scared of the punishment. You also view life this way, even if it doesn’t always work for you. 

However, you are as aware of your own imperfections as you are of the faults of others. Whenever you’re offered a problem, your reasonable and rational nature asserts itself, and you head right to the solution that is the most accurate and logical. Thus you’re able to meet almost all your aims at some point. 



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