The Purple Beauty for Meditation- Amethyst

Crystals are gaining fame as essential pieces that contribute a natural touch. There's also an extended interest in using crystals for more obscure purposes. People around the world have used crystals for healing and meditation exercises for thousands of years. But do crystals hold healing energies? And if yes, then; What should you do when... Continue Reading →

Amethyst, a Prosperity Crystal

Too known as the “All Healer,” Amethyst is supposed to be the most efficient gemstone for healing the animals, people, and plants. The natural geodes and unpolished pieces of Amethyst are considered as a helpful charm that makes the plants grow. It too stabilizes the negative powers of the earth under the building or anywhere... Continue Reading →

Amethyst – A Stone of Artists

A unique and fascinating purple-hued gemstone, Amethyst is found much in quantity with the other charms in India by the goodwill of Mother Nature. It is one of the most affordable gemstones which are more intense. Deeper, the color of this charm, goes, more costly it becomes. It’s better to keep a cluster or a... Continue Reading →

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