How to wear Ruby for Astrological Benefits?

Ruby is one of its kind and a very precious & valuable gemstone; it has made a loyal status from ancient times. It is the kind of Corundum, and it gets its gorgeous red color from Chromium. In India, we popularly call Ruby as Manik stone, and in Sanskrit, it is known as ‘ratnaraj’ which... Continue Reading →

Ruby, the Best Healing Charm Ever

In ancient India, Ruby, a fascinating red colored charm was a gem piece of the supreme beings and the emperors. Ruby was believed to append the glamor and allure to the lives of the royals. In fact, about 200 years ago, Ruby was considered as India because of its luxury and splendor of the power.... Continue Reading →

Ruby, the Queen of Stones

A Stone of Dignity, Ruby is fascinating and sizzling which is considered as one of the most elegant charms, the queen of stones. Ruby is cherished by rulers and the superior beings. One of the most precious gemstones, Ruby is known for its hardness, monetary value, and rarity. You may carry Ruby gem to overcome... Continue Reading →

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