5 Best Crystals for Pisces

To harmonize the energy, we've chosen out some of the best crystals for Pisces. Pisces people are symbolized by two fishes swimming in opposite directions, are productive, helpful, and spontaneous. But some of their weak points involve being overly sensitive, defensive, and nervous. They endeavor harmony between their internal and outer worlds; they often escape... Continue Reading →

5 Crystals That Help You In Focus

Trying to work but not getting the right focus? Getting poor results in your performance because of a lack of concentration? If so, you have landed at the right place! If you have been struggling to focus on your various everyday tasks, it is time to know about those healing crystals that impart you the... Continue Reading →

Know The Benefits of Fluorite

Fluorite is an ancient remedy to promote rejuvenation. It cleanses the mind and body and enhances overall wellness. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory and antiviral agent. It strengthens the immune system and instills unbounded calmness and positivity in the heart. With beauty that stuns and benefits that impresses, fluorite is one of the most demanded... Continue Reading →

5 Healing Crystals for Skin

The power of crystals was known to man for a long time but with the advancement of modern medicine, their relevance was lost and people stopped believing in their effectiveness. But this is changing again. In spite of relying on medicines for curing physical ailments, today many people, including celebrities, are trying crystal healing. Crystal... Continue Reading →

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