Crystals for Headaches, Sinusitis, & Migraines

Headache is a very common ailment, rather it is such a usual phenomenon that at times we don’t pay attention to it. We happily continue working, till the time it goes terrible and comes to a stage of blasting. Now at this unbearable stage, looking for quick relief, most of us simply pop in the... Continue Reading →

Kambaba Jasper – A Crocodile Variety of Jasper

There are quite a few types of Jasper, each with its distinctive colors and qualities. The one I am writing about in this blog is Kambaba Jasper or Crocodile Jasper. People know it as Crocodile Jasper because of its overall green appearance with dark mystic circles and swirls of black, just like a crocodile. The... Continue Reading →

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