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Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard Skin Jasper Has Numerous Healing Attributes

Leopard skin jasper, just like all other jasper is contemplated to be a durable stone which not only proffers security to the soul but also provides stability to the emotional and intellectual torso. It has the power to guard the Read more…

If you have insomnia, blue sapphire can soothe it

If You Have Insomnia, Blue Sapphire Can Soothe It

“Gosh! Sleeping is so much fun; I don’t want to leave this bed” This was the most heard line from my friend Sid back in the hostel days. He just loved sleeping, and due to this profound love, it was Read more…

Healing Crystals To Start The New Year

Healing Crystals To Start The New Year

With new years around the corner, here comes another chance for us to get things right. Yes, its time to make resolutions, a promise to self of quitting the things which no longer contributed to the overall wellness and of Read more…

Take a Bird’s Eye View Of Your Life With This Birds Eye Stone

Birds Eye Stone

Mindlessly going through the motions of our daily routines, we get so much trapped into it that we often forget to sit and reflect on our lives. Questions like “Are we content doing our work? Are our mind and body Read more…

Thanksgiving – A Healing Time With Crystals

Thanksgiving-A healing time with crystals

Often it happens that we get so busy in our daily routines or taken over by negative emotions that we forget to express our gratitude to others. Thank God! We have this day called Thanks Giving to do so. Thanksgiving Read more…