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Wild Horse Magnesite Opens The Mind

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Wild horse magnesite jewelry is often demanded and adorned by people because of its neutral shade and elegant appeal but then did you ever care to notice that how the energy of it is making a difference to your life? Read more…

Scenic Lodolite Is Not Just Scenic But Heals Too

Scenic Lodolite

With looks of landscapes, gardens and underwater vistas, the scenic lodolite is not just prepossessing but an outstanding healing gem nugget too. It has the energy that clean the soul, surroundings and aligns the disturbed frequencies of chakra. It is Read more…

Danburite Is One Of The Highest Vibration Mineral

Danburite Is One Of The Highest Vibration Mineral

With the highest vibration energy and looks that of quartz, people often end up googling danburite vs quartz. Well, the mistake is not theirs. The colourless quartz, topaz and danburite look so similar. The difference exists between them, and on Read more…

Crystals for a Perfect Valentine

Crystals for a Perfect Valentine

Whoever says that love needs no season, romance needs no time surely hasn’t experienced the joy of Valentine’s Day. It is the time of the year when regardless of everything, loved ones deserve to be told that they are precious. Read more…

Libyan desert glass can strengthen your willpower

Libyan Desert Glass Can Strengthen Your Willpower

It is said the difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength or lack of knowledge but a lack of will. Strong will power can turn many impossible tasks into possible and if you are Read more…