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How to wear Ruby for Astrological Benefits?

Nrampuria How To Wear Ruby For Astrological Benefits

Ruby is one of its kind and a very precious & valuable gemstone; it has made a loyal status from ancient times. It is the kind of Corundum, and it gets its gorgeous red color from Chromium. In India, we Read more…

How much Weight (Ratti / Carat) of Gemstone should you wear?

How Much Weight (ratti Carat) Of Gemstone Should You Wear Nrampuria

Gemstones are amongst the most potent remedies offered by Vedic astrology, and they are competent in bringing reliable and fast results. In some cases, people wearing gemstones can observe visible differences in either hours or days, which is why the Read more…

How to Cleanse and Activate Healing Crystals?

How To Cleanse And Activate Healing Crystals Nrampuria

I am a person who is fond of crystals not only due to its looks but also due to its healing power. If you’re practicing with crystals for strength and wellness, then you must follow crystal cleansing. The process to Read more…

How Pukhraj Stone Brings Changes in your Life

How Pukhraj Stone Brings Changes In Your Life Nrampuria

In astrology, Yellow Sapphire is apprehended as a Pukhraj stone; it is a robust gemstone of Jupiter planet. If a person uses it properly, then it can give phenomenal progress to your life. This yellowish gemstone is recognized as the highest Read more…

Improve Your Immune System with Healing Crystals

Improve Your Immune System With Healing Crystals Min

The immune system, which is the body’s safeguard mechanism, preserves us from external agents like bacteria, germs, fungi, and others. If our immune system isn’t strong, a simple scar can be fatal. This system is also impacted by our emotions Read more…