How to Use your Intentions to remove Obstacles

We all know the healing properties of crystals, and for many reasons, they have been used as healing gemstones for various reasons. They are programmable when place under the light and their energy are very effective. It means you will be able to program your crystals with any desire, goal, or intentions you have in... Continue Reading →

How to Clean Brass Jewelry?

Brass is a metal that is used for multipurpose. But all the things made with Brass are easily prone to tarnish, or they easily get tarnished. They need extra care, and regular cleaning of these items is necessary. There are various tricks and techniques on how to clean brass jewelry naturally and effectively without using... Continue Reading →

What Does it Mean When Your Crystal Breaks or is Lost

Some crystal healers believe that superstitious or few valid reasons behind people don't have a whole crystal without any crack or broken with themselves. Such people have lots of questions in their minds like what it means when a crystal breaks, what they can do with the broken crystal, etc. Then the answer to all... Continue Reading →

Top Six Winter Gemstones – As cold as Ice

Various people like the winter season more than any other season. But certain people are suffering from diseases like arthritis, cold, flu, etc. which gets activated during the winter season. Some stones are there, which are also known as the winter gemstones or winter crystals. Such crystals and their healing properties are as follow: Bloodstone:... Continue Reading →

Connecting with your Crystals for Leo

There are few crystals for the sun sign Leo, which play a major role and source of power for their personality traits. These Leo crystals are Pyrite, Hematite, Carnelian, and Tiger's Eye. The power of the crystal holds the energy of the Sun and the Earth.    The Tiger's Eye gemstone will help determine the... Continue Reading →

Is it okay To Swim with Sterling Silver

Most people like to go to some beaches or pools on hot sunny days along with their favorite accessories. These accessories may include hats, sunglasses, or some of their favorite jewelry as well as we all know that seawater contains lots of salt while almost all pools contain chemicals like chlorine.    Chlorine is a... Continue Reading →

Blue Gemstones for Spiritual Awakening & Serenity

Blue crystals help in connecting its energy with the wearer's good health and provide them a wider perspective to solve the problems or challenges of life. If anyone feels stuck in something else or it can be the wearer's stubbornness that keeps changing or evolving the person's mood. But blue gemstone helps the person go... Continue Reading →

Mostly Asked Questions about Red Coral (Moonga, Stone)

Red Coral gemstone, also known as Praval or Moonga, which is ruled by Mars/Mangal, is one of the popular gemstones that is known to the astrological world. It is an astrological gemstone worn to assure progress in leadership roles, sports, business, and health.   It's common to be curious about who can wear these coral... Continue Reading →

Difference Between Jarkan, Zircon and Zirconia?

People often get confused between what is Jarkan, Zircon, and zirconia. It might look a little overwhelming on the surface but can be differentiated easily. What is Jarkan? Jarkan is the common term derived from the English word- "Zircon." Over time, the concept has taken its form due to mispronunciation, and people are not able to understand... Continue Reading →

How to Tell If a Diamond is Real

The most straightforward and most efficient method to test a stone to detect whether or not it's a diamond is to acquire a relatively affordable diamond tester. Otherwise, you might want to study a higher-end, more expensive tester that can recognize a broader range of diamond options. If you're not familiar with a diamond's composition... Continue Reading →

Gemstones Should Touch The Skin While Wearing

Gems have the potential to increase or decrease planetary influences and diminish the effects of individual planets according to one's birth chart. One must choose gems with caution or guidance from an expert astrologer because gemstones could negatively affect one's life if worn inaccurately, this situation can likewise sometimes be faced if the gem is... Continue Reading →

Best Gems & Crystals for Children

Just like grown-ups, children experience thoughtful, spiritual, and physical stress. Kids usually encounter this type of pressure in the form of school homework, peer trouble, tension, nervousness, and the endless feeling of tiredness due to a shortage of sleep. The concerns and challenges that kids face, impact them as they learn, grow, and improve. Gems... Continue Reading →

Astrological Guide to wear Moti (Pearl)

Pearl is a beautiful gemstone that is widely available. It also uses an extensive amount of experience and hard work to produce a natural pearl gemstone. Besides its attractive appearance, the grey or white color pearl stone is renowned for being the birthstone of June and the Moon's birthstone. This stone is known for its... Continue Reading →

How to differentiate between Citrine (Sunela), Yellow Topaz & Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

Once I went to a jewelry exhibition, it was led by a fellow associate of mine who was also a jewelry dealer. There were n-number of beautiful gemstone jewelry and ornaments. But something grabbed my attention quickly, and it was yellow Topaz and sapphire. However, somehow, I was not able to differentiate between both of... Continue Reading →

How to Calculate Gemstone Weight

A gemstone weight calculator will give you precise and essential information concerning which gemstone you should wear. This calculator will provide you with results based on your birth ascendant. Gemstones are very significant in one's life if they have faith. They are precious and useful. Astrology believes in gemstones strongly and advises people to wear it on... Continue Reading →

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