Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Red

Check out the following red shades of gems that you want as your jewel item. Do you always be a woman in red? If you are in a search of jewelry articles that reveals the energy, passion and warmth, not you worry you have various choices to pick. Red gems possess something which suits not... Continue Reading →

Magical Collection of Angel Wings Fairy Pendants

Angel wings fairy pendants, these terms will take you towards an imaginative realm of fairy where the magical world exists. The females mostly get attracted towards the tales of fairy and all. Today, we have come up with a mystical collection of angel wings fairy pendants that will make you fall in love with. Firstly,... Continue Reading →

A Striking Collection of Coral Jewelry

Coral, known to be a riveting piece of jewel boulder reveals off its appealing red color which looks glamorous. To complete your gorgeous look, you should team up your attire. For that, you should get all your matching stuff like if you want to group up your dazzling coral look, you should pick the red... Continue Reading →

Jewelry Gifts for Her Birthday from Her Loving Dad

Spot the passageway of the time as the lil’ girl of dads is going to celebrate her “Day”. You know it will happen sometimes, your princess is all big now. It seems like it was the talk of yesterday when you were buying diapers and toys for her. Now she has worn up her makeup... Continue Reading →

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green

Picks of Gems – Let’s Think of Green Today, we are here to show you distinctive shades of green from which you may choose any of your choices to reveal a unique and exclusive style of yours. So, if green is your taste or holds a position of a perfect shade of you, then it... Continue Reading →

Ideas of Best Jewelry Gifts for New Mums, As She Deserves the Best

‘She’ carried a “new life” and brought you a “new love” into this world. So, it’s your turn to celebrate this happiness with a “Push Present” of jewelry gifts. These nine months of backaches, morning sickness, repeated appointments of doctor and sleepless nights has climaxed with an extreme pain of her life. On asking her,... Continue Reading →

Delightful Collection of Cupcake Pendants

Cupcake is a tasty term which leaves us mouthwatering. The females are fond of these cupcake pendants. They usually get magnetized towards the jewelry like this. So, keeping this in track, we have come up with the jewels designed in cupcake pattern. We know the taste and choice of you and care for it. That’s... Continue Reading →

A Complete Wedding Jewelry Gift Guide – Part III

Wedding Jewelry Gifts from Groom to Bride In the traditional weddings, for the groom and brides, it is customary to bestow gifts to each other. To fit the style and taste of the couple, this practice can, of course, get adjusted. The idea behind the bridal gifts is not to spend a lot or to... Continue Reading →

Welcome the Come Back Fashion of Big Rings

A known face of fashion jewel is that it comes again after taking some rest, with the same zeal and courage to relish the trend lovers. Among these are the great classic styles that leave the people crazy like the big and bold finger pieces. Too whispered as the cocktail rings, these were standing in... Continue Reading →

7 Fascinating Jewelry Pieces to be worn with Strapless Dresses

Going to a party tonight? Are you ready with your exclusive stuff, strapless dress, jewelry, pumps, etc.? If not, then let’s go, we will work together for you. First of all the dress, the attire, which will hold much of your alluring gape, so what you have chosen? Ok..a gorgeous strapless dress! You have a... Continue Reading →

4 Black Onyx Looks – You would Love to Try

Today, an on-going trend says that for the brides, black is like “New White.” Most of the beings hold a view that black belongs only for Goth brides, but this opinion doesn’t clutch any worth. For the black lovers, the black wedding dress stands out with ultimate elegance and glam. In fact, most of the... Continue Reading →

Thai Ring – One of the Trending Jewelry Types

Thai Ring, finely carved in ancient Thai pattern looks damn hot when engraved with bewitching colorful gem pieces. These types of jewels are worn by ages, with a belief that these prove to be effective for a peaceful ambiance. So, let’s step forward towards the world famous store of sterling silver jewels, “Silver In Style”... Continue Reading →

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