Topaz, Stone of Good Fortune and Success

Topaz Healing Properties

Spiritually, Topaz stone is endorsed for its appetizing, styptic and cooling effect. It is too supposed to ward off the nocturnal fears, anger and sadness of its wearer.

Topaz Healing Properties

Topaz too warns its owner of the poisons and acts as a safeguard to protect him from the sudden death. Topaz is also reputed for making the men intelligent and handsome and sterile women happy and fertile. However, it’s not like that you should rely totally on the magical powers of the gemstones as these may only assist you, rest the performance is yours.

November born people may get effective benefits from this fascinating charm as it is a good birthstone for these people. It is also whispered to attract the synchronicity, good fortune and success towards its carrier. It is too employed for protection specifically from the greed and evil eye.

Considered to be a powerful gemstone, Topaz is admired much as the quartz is. It is a calming and a balancing gem piece that balances the emotions releases tension and makes its owner joyful and happy.

Physical Healing Properties

Topaz is a good gemstone for improving the digestive system and too combats the eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. It also nurtures the nerves and fuels up the metabolic activities.

The cellular structures are too regenerated with the help of this gorgeous gem piece. It is also beneficial for the nervous exhaustion. The lack of combustion of the nutrients is too handles by this lucky gemstone. It also treats the endocrine glands, gallbladder and liver.

Emotional Healing Properties

Known for soothing, stimulating, healing, re-motivating and simulating, topaz is known for aligning the meridians of its wearer’s body which then directs the power to the required area. The forgiveness and truth are also promoted by this charm.

Moreover, Topaz attracts the good health, abundance, generosity, and abundance. Reputed as a stone of good fortune and love, Topaz is admired much. It helps in releasing the tension and inducing the relaxation. It raises the honesty and openness with the self-control and self-realization. It assists in solving the problems and in expressing innovative ideas. Topaz stabilizes the emotions and makes its wearer receptive to true love from every source.

Chakra Healing and Balancing Properties

By unlocking the Throat Chakra, Topaz is said to facilitate the self-expression and communication. This is how; it is accepted to be best for the public speakers, writer and artists.

Spiritual Healing Properties

Topaz has prized for its spiritual properties also. It attracts the peace and spiritual love towards the one who wears it as a jewel piece. It is also supposed to bring the hope, true love, individuality and creativity towards its owner.

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I Love meditation with gemstones. i am a avid rock collector. Daddy of two beautiful children and love to travel. My love for gemstones and their vibrant colors got me into jewelry profession and I have been collecting rare pieces of gemstones from all over the world for past 10 years.

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  • Cheers
    June 29, 2020 at 2:53 pm

    Imperial Topaz does NOT “unlock” the throat chakra, as only blue colors do that. Also, I feel too many “attributes” to golden topaz (I.T.) to be true. Just like citrine. Citrine is the cure all, heal all, manifest all aka … FAKE, just like citrine.


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